Mpowering regions and people throughout the world!

That is our goal.
Why Mpower people and regions?
  • Bringing energy to the people is bringing welfare
  • Bringing renewable energy means lowering energy costs, less use of diesel generators
  • Minimize use of fossil energy means lowering carbon emissions
  • You can create income opportunities related to power generation
  • You are less dependent of fossil energy
  • Producing your own energy leads to independence of politics and economical energy situations
Bringing energy to the people, is bringing health, clear water, agricultural development. Bringing energy to the people will minimize distances in the world, gives development of economics.

MPower is an investment company, specialized in Mpowering the world. We bring energy to the people. 


MPowers specialty is bringing hybrid energy systems to rural areas, remote islands (Island grids), emerging markets

Connecting Technologies

MPowers hybrid energy systems are based on sustainable energy sources:



Wind, Water, Sun and Storage



Our modular off and on grid sustainable energy systems can consist of tidal turbines, midsize wind turbines, solar electricity, solar thermal energy and geothermal energy. 


More information about MPower and our partner projects:


1. Sun

2. Wind

3. Water

4. Storage



Connecting Knowledge


MPower is focussing on autonomous energy systems that are not connected to the electricity grid, the so-called Island Grids.


We are connecting our knowledge to create a financial, technical, organisational and operational off-grid energy system


Combining our financial, technical and organizational specialties we have the solution for all your energy challenges! 


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